Frequently Asked Questions


Why did you create this application?

We created it for ourselves. is in a BETA stage with schools around the nation right now...  We know the power of owning a social networking website cause we run a couple and do really well, and decided that we wanted to give a small group their own Social Networking Website for a couple reasons;

1. Because owning a social networking website that is set up properly can be extremely rewarding and lucrative.
2. We also created this application because we had the resources necessary to create it :)
3. We want to give a lucky group of individuals the chance to change their lives by owning a social network...

How do you know Social Networking websites work and are successful?

There are hundreds of social networking websites on the internet today, many of them with millions of users...  When a social networking website is set up and spread properly, in the correct in demand niche, it can become profitable.  We have extensively researched and interviewed CEO's of successful social networking websites, and a proven system has been used in every case study.  We also know it works because we make a full time, very comfortable living just from our social networking sites that we currently run...

In searching Google trends, we have found that this number of highly populated social networking sites is growing, and they have become the most dominating, influential force on the internet...

Inside your site that we will build for you, we have implemented a revolutionary friend inviter called Viral-Inviter that will immediately begin to spread your website around the internet and the SNEmpire Blueprint to Success will lay out the exact steps that you need to take once you own your website.  There are also optional automatic system notifications that are sent out to respected users when activity is made on your website.

If you follow the blueprint that we provide to you, your website will be successful.

If you developed it for you, why are you selling it?

For 2 reasons:
1.) To help aid in the growth and expansion of along with our other business ventures...
2.) To give a small group of lucky people a ton of value for their money :)

You see we are not selling a replica of  That would just be a poor business decision.  Our passion is most likely not yours.  We want you to be passionate about the niche that you choose.  This is why you have the ability to completely customize your website immediately after you purchase to your exact liking.   

Aren't there other scripts like this, or places that I can purchase
source code for a social networking website?

Not like this, and quite simply put, no.

There is NOTHING like Social Network Empire.  In doing our research we found that certain places would sell the source code for a social networking website for anywhere between 10k - 15k and higher. There are places that you can create a social networking website cheaper, however, you do not own the site and are extremely limited with advertising and what you can do with your site. (Even using or you are still going to pay much more  :)

SNE was built from the ground up from open source software.  SNE was developed from the vision of Marc Horne to allow any one to run a successful social networking site regardless of competency.  Seagull is considered the best open source PHP framework out there and SNE is not just a slightly enhanced version, but rather a one of kind platform designed specifically for our clients in mind.

SNE clients are not locked into a custom code.  This platform was created over recent years with team of highly trained programmers and was built to have the easiest administrator functionality that exist for any social network owner.  This platform was built with the non technical person in mind, as well as the technical person who wants to save 6 months customizing their own site :)  SNE is not just about getting a social networking site created for you, it is a program with step by step training modules, screen captures, videos, eBooks, and one on one support to help you run (and profit from) your social networking site.

We are the only solution that covers all the basis from your start at niche selection, to helping your sell your website for millions of dollars in the future and everything in between...

Will you teach me how to use it?

YES. The SNEmpire Blueprint to Success training modules will be available to you immediately after purchase.  You can download the pdf or the audios chapter by chapter.  We train our clients in a new and unique fashion that takes each step at a time so as to ensure you actually do each step and do it correctly...

We also have tons of step by step screen captures and training videos that will hold your hand and make sure you are successful and make a ton of money too :)
These modules cover the step-be-step processes that you need to take immediately following your purchase. 

We left no stone unturned and will respond to any support enquiries within 12-48 hours.

What is the price?

As I stated in the video... It cost us over $40,000 to have Social Network Empire created and more for continued support. And yes, you can go to or and have one made. It will cost you MORE than what I am selling it for, and who will support you? Who will teach you how to use it?

The price is one payment of $497.00 + $19.97 per month thereafter for your hosting and server fees. (1st month hosting free)

There is also a 3 payment option in which you pay $177.00 initially and the following 2 months as well...

If you use it like we teach, you can make back your money 100 times over in the first year.

If you do not like it, tell us in 30 days and get a FULL REFUND.


Is there a REFUND.

Yes. If you missed it above, simply tell us within 30 days from your purchase what you did in 30 days and get a FULL REFUND. 

So long as you follow our steps there should be no reason to want a refund.... We will either work with you till your site is successful or just refund you if it's not going to work out...

We typically request that refunds are performed over the phone so that we can get valuable feedback,

We have made it so that there is no risk on your end.

What do I Need to Run this?

First and foremost you need to have the motivation to fire your boss if you have one.  Our goal is for you to earn a full time income on the internet from the comfort of your own home. 

You do however, need your own domain name . 

This is YOUR Site.  Your license is yours to run on your domain for the rest of your life. If you need a 2nd or more license, contact our help desk for discounts).  When your site gets so large that it is necessary to move it to your own server, we will help you.

If I BUY IT NOW, do I get it now?

Yes and No.  In order to customize your website, you will need to decide a couple things...

1).  What domain name do you want to use?
2).  What unique profile questions do you want your users to have? - Up to 25
3).  What color scheme do you want your website.

After this we can create your site and then it’s up to you to put the advertising in place and upload your own logo.

Again, the blueprint will walk you through everything!

When does the complimentary training start?

The training modules are downloadable immediately after purchase.  You can download the PDF eBook or download the audios all chapter by chapter...

Chapters of the SNEmpire Blueprint to Success are as follows:

- Getting started and goal setting
- The History (and future) of Social Networking
- Choosing the right niche for you
- Choosing the right domain name for your niche
- Setting your site up
- Advertising that fits
- Going viral and getting traffic
- Launching and growing your site
- Profiting from your list
- Selling your website
- VC money and expansion
- Conclusion

How many are you selling?

NOT MANY. This is such a ridiculously valuable offer that we simply cannot afford selling thousands of these, and limiting SNE preserves the quality of our clients websites.

If you do not like it, REFUND it. You have  N O   R I S K at all.

Do you care if I buy this?

Yes I care. I want you to have it. If you do not, I will never know nor will it affect me adversely. We will sell out anyway... And if you were to refund it, that is fine with us too. I want you to try it and be happy. If you were to refund it, there will be a line of people that get here late that will buy your license spot. So it is definitely cool with us if you refund.

We have put our heart and soul into the creation of this product and it makes us feel absolutely amazing when our clients succeed..

On to some of the bigger questions...


Yes, click here to see a quick demo of your admin capabilities as well as your member capabilities...

DEMO >>>

Where do I buy it?

If you have NOT seen the full video, go here:


What is HC Traffic Pro and how does it work?

HC Traffic Pro is our traffic generating software.  It will quickly help you get many backlinks to your website and get very high search engine rankings.  Driving traffic to a website has never been easier than it is with HC Traffic Pro.  Literally with the click of your mouse you will start driving traffic using blogs, press releases, post on videos and forum sites, social bookmarking, articles, pdf's and more.  This is all done in a very time efficient manner because it helps you post on numerous sites in minutes as opposed to requiring hours of work.