Social Network Empire Demo Videos

Setting up your site (click to view videos):

Step 1. Customize your Homepage
(for further help, please see webinar #2)

Homepage layout implementation
Some homepage examples
Use custom colors for page properties
Post a video to your homepage

Step 2: Create unique profile questions related to your chosen niche
(please see webinar #1)

Creating your custom profile questions

Step 3. Optimizing your site and finding the correct keywords is crucial
(please see webinar #2)

Finding and inserting key words

Step 4. Setting up your Forum with topics related to your chosen niche

How to set up your Forum

Step 5. One of many methods to monetize your site is by using Advertising
(for further help, please visit the AdSense chapter in the SNE Blueprint to Success)

Making Money with Amazon's affiliate program
Making Money with Google AdSense in your website
Paste your own ad into your website to make money

Step 6: Another method of making money through managing your calendar
(for further help, please see webinar #2)

Using (and profiting) from your calendar

Step 7. Make money by messaging your members
(for further help, please see webinar #2)

How to broadcast messages to members

Step 8: A vital component to running your business is to know about your competitors

Finding competitors information

Step 9: This video teaches you how to create groups in your site...

Creating a group in your site

Step 10:  Administrator additions
(for further help, please see webinar #2)

How to add a new menu bar item (navigation bar item) tab to your menu bar
How to add a tracking code to your website