About Our Team

HC Consulting Group is home to the most cutting edge web designers and internet marketing consultants online today. In the last 3 years, HC has developed and launched some of the most acclaimed software on the market. From daily deal solutions (dailydealbuilder.com & dodaggregator.com), to customer relationship management software (securepaypro.com), to video sharing software (videosharingempire.com), and more. Marketing and branding a social networking website is one of the hottest online trends right now and we would love to showcase our technology within your idea. Our turnkey, proven system allows for you to capitalize on this internet phenomenon. We will build our infrastructure on your own domain name so that you can make the brand thrive under any name that you desire. We conduct most of our business virtually, but feel free to drop us a line and come by one of our offices in order to meet us in person.

Meet The Founders of Social Network Empire

Daily Deal Builder founder Marc HorneMarc Horne received his BBA from Kennesaw State University with a focus on business management and marketing. He specializes in web development and software creation. Marc plays in an Atlanta based Rock band called The Red Clay Rumble.


Daily Deal Builder founder Hollis CarterHollis Carter received his BBA from Kennesaw State University with a focus on professional selling. He specializes in affiliate relations and sales process high end consulting. Hollis enjoys traveling the world and skiing.


Daily Deal Builder founder Tyler HorneTyler Horne received his Bachelor of Arts from Hunter College of CUNY. He specializes in video production, web development, and software creation. Tyler is also the numbers guy.


Daily Deal Builder founder Tyler EnglishTyler English received his degree from the University of Georgia. He specializes in software creation and customer relations. He is the nicest man in the world.

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